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Together with their children, Chris and Claire are the fourth generation of family to live at Berry Farm. They both spent much of their childhoods having adventures in the countryside, and after they met at University, they married in South Cerney in 2004.

They returned to the farm in 2006 dreaming of having a family and the freedom that the farm could give them. Their vision was to restore the farm and its land and open it up to the community.  The farm has evolved as their family has grown and today, has developed into a family affair, along with a small flock of Llyen sheep, two chickens and two dogs!


Claire's favourite time of year is Spring when the sheep are lambing and the spring flowers blooming, while Chris loves the autumn apple harvest and creating habitats to encourage wildlife to thrive.  Together they have enjoyed overseeing the restoration of buildings and creation of shared spaces, including holiday accommodation (Berry Farm Barn) and the old milking parlour (now named Parlour Barn), which is home to an ever evolving wellness and fitness community, and also hosts parties, weddings and seasonal workshops.

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