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Our stunning events space in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds plays host to a diverse calendar of events. Find out more about our upcoming events, and how to book them, below.

Saturday 2nd March 2024 

Adult cookery workshop
with Berry Farm & The Kitchen Club

Join Claire from Berry Farm and Mel from The Kitchen club for a day spent learning how to create a delicious three-course meal
You will be expertly tutored through cooking each course, and all ingredients, tuition and a tour of the farm is included.


This wonderful meal you will create can then be enjoyed in the evening by you and your loved one, family member or friend.

Tickets for the day will cost, £99, to include the day's tuition and two three-course-meals.


Saturday 9th March 2024 

Sound Healing & Reiki Retreat 
2.00pm - 4.00pm with Paige

Whether you are feeling stressed, burnt out, suffer with anxiety, or even if you're feeling a bit out of balance,  allow Paige to take you on a transformative healing journey with the help of Reiki, Ceremonial Cacao and Sound therapy.


She will gently guide you through a short breath work, a guided meditation and then into a deep but very calming sound journey with her stunning crystalline singing bowls, voice and other healing sound tools. She will end the session with a mini calming essential oil massage. You will leave the session feeling calmer, lighter and more connected to your true self and everything around you :)


Please bring along a bottle of water and your journal, and you can also bring your crystals to charge in the space. Everything else, including yoga mats/pillows etc with be provided. Please  come wearing comfortable clothing so you can really relax and settle into the space.

Tickets are £35 each - we'd love to see you there!



Tuesday 12th March 2024 

Mother's Day Floral Bouquet Workshop
7.00pm - 9.00pm with Pearl & Wild

Come and join Cal from Pearl & Wild at Berry Farm and create a beautiful hand-tied bouquet. You will learn the basics of flower care and how to condition and maximise the life of your flowers along with guiding you step-by-step so you can create your beautiful bouquet using seasonal blooms and wild greenery.


We’ll also teach you how to gift wrap your bouquet ready to take home or as a gift to someone special.

This gorgeous evening will be a lovely way to spend time with a loved one, embrace the new season and leave with a stunning bouquet to brighten up your home. 


Tickets are £60 and will include a glass of fizz and a homemade sweet treat.


Friday 15th March 2024 

Spring Crafting Workshop
for Adults

6.45pm - 9.30pm with Helen Nightingale

Join master-crafter Helen Nightingale for an evening of creativity at Berry Farm, creating paper flowers and beautiful garlands. Come along with your mum, daughter or friend for a special workshop making gorgeous Spring-themed floral decorations to brighten up your home. 

This relaxed event will be a lovely way to spend time with a loved one, embrace the new season and leave with decorations created by your own hands.

Early bird ticket price until 1st March is £30, after which it will be £35.


Saturday 16th March 2024 

The Postnatal Connect Sessions
2.00pm - 4.00pm with Sinead Isaac & Sarah Fellows

Co-led by experienced perinatal practitioners Sinead Isaacs and Sarah Fellows, this nurturing and informative session is suitable whatever stage of postpartum you are, from just giving birth to years after you've had your baby.

The session will combine yoga, physio and pilates knowledge and covering a range of postnatal 101 topics, such as:
- the breath (how to use it effectively to support your recovery)
- pelvic floor techniques (engaging AND relaxation methods)
- prolapse and diastasis recti
- core progression sequences
- myth busting
- restorative practises, and much more...

Tickets are £45pp and teas and coffees (and cake!) will also be provided.


Sunday 17th March 2024 

The Vibrant Day Retreat
10.00am - 5.00pm with Stepping into Alignment

After the success of The Radiant Retreat back in September and the most incredible feedback Sian knew she had to do it all over again, but this time, with a different vibe. 


Let your inner light truly illuminate your Soul's path, with four intimately crafted guest expert sessions, to leave you feeling VIBRANT! Nourishing food + drink (+plenty of delicious snacks) all homemade by Siân will be provided to enjoy throughout the day, as well as goodie bag of specially selected gifts for you to take home, and judging from feedback from the last retreat, memories and friendships to last a lifetime will be created.

Vibrant Retreat with Stepping into Alignment at Berry Farm

Sunday 24th March 2024 

Pilates & Dried Flower Wreath Workshop
2pm - 5pm with Gemma and Wren & Rose Flowers

Join us for an afternoon of wellness and creativity in The Cotswolds to celebrate Spring, where we all emerge from winter and embrace new beginnings of hope and joy.

The afternoon will begin with an invigorating, dynamic flow Pilates class, which will be followed by drinks and some delicious snacks.

We’ll then be guided by Beth from Wren & Rose Flowers and learn how to create a beautiful dried flower wreath using pastel Spring blooms that you can keep forever. You will have the choice of making a scandi style bamboo wreath or a rustic willow wreath.

This will be a beautiful afternoon to spend with friends or family or come alone and make new friends


Saturday 6th April 2024 

Children's cookery workshop
with Berry Farm & The Kitchen Club

Mel from The Kitchen Club and Claire of Berry Farm are hosting a unique workshop where children ages 11+ years will spend the day at the farm, foraging and learning to cook, culminating with serving a three course meal at 6pm.


Tickets for one child to attend are £65, which includes an adult ticket to the evening meal served by the new chefs.  


Additional tickets are available for family members at £25 each.



Sunday 7th April 2024 

Vadoma Sound Ceremony 
3pm - 4.30pm or 5pm - 6.30pm with Vadoma

Join Vadoma at Berry Farm for a luxurious, unique ‘Sound Ceremony’ like no other.  Based on ancient healing techniques that use vibrations of sound to connect with your body on a cellular level, it will stimulate the brain wave frequencies to create a theta brain wave state (the state of REM sleep and cellular healing) and recalibrate your body and mind!


For this Sound Ceremony we will come together for a group sound healing, intention setting and guided meditation practice with a beautiful crystal singing bowl sound & gong bath to take you into a deep meditative state and rejuvenate and heal the body on a cellular level. Allow yourself to be transported to Vadoma in 60 minutes of sound medicine using her voice and sound healing instruments. 


The sound journey will be followed by sweet treats, teas and the opportunity to pick a tarot card. Picking a card whilst in this relaxed state has been a wonderful way for many to connect with their intuition and gain some guidance for answers they're seeking.

The best way to relax, let go of any tension and experience a deeper surrender into your meditation practice and healing. Trust us this one is not to be missed!


Monday 8th April 2024 

Beginners Yoga Course 
7.30pm - 8.30pm with Kirsteen

A beginners course is the perfect introduction to anyone totally new to yoga or wanting to revisit the foundations. You don’t need to be super flexible, do a headstand or have a wardrobe full of amazing workout clothes - just come with an open mind and willingness to practice yoga. 

This course builds week by week, introducing you to the physical postures (asana), teaching alignment, basic meditation and relaxation techniques, and exploring the breathing techniques (pranayama) used to calm the mind and reconnect to the body. Each week we will focus on a different physical & emotional aspect of the body,

Kirsteens classes are lighthearted and fun and aim for your to leave each class feeling a calmer, sparklier version of yourself. You will receive individual adjustments and attention from an experienced teacher and the course will support you though building strength, flexibility, calmness of mind and connection to your body.


Friday 11th April 2024 

Children's Easter Crafting & Cooking Day
9.00am - 3.00pm with Helen Nightingale & Mel Tim

Join master-crafter Helen Nightingale and expert chef and nutritionist Mel from the Kitchen Club for a fab day creating delicious foods and crafting away the afternoon!

Your child will have a fun-packed day during the Easter holidays, learning new skills and making friends.


Suitable for ages 6 years and over, this great day costs £45 and will include your child's lunch and all-important snacks!


Saturday 12th April 2024 

Gardening for Wellbeing

3.00pm - 5.00pm with Eleanor, Hope Springs Gardening

Everyone knows that getting outside helps your mental health - and Eleanor of Hope Springs Gardening take this to the next level with her knowledge of social and therapeutic horticulture.


Join her for a hands-on, informative and life-enhancing talk on how plants and gardens can improve physical and mental health as well as communication and thinking skills,  You will complete a seed-sowing tutorial with a choice of seasonal flowers of vegetables for you to take home and grow.

Tickets are £18 and will include refreshments and all materials.


Friday 19th April 2024 

Menopause Wellbeing Retreat 
9.30am - 2.30pm 

The menopause and peri-menopause is a time of change and adjustment - but with the right knowledge, outlook and confidence, it can be a new, positive time for women.

We've designed a workshop to give you the skills, techniques and support to see you through this time of transition, alongside like-minded women. 

With talks and workshops by three inspiring women discussing nutrition, makeup and fashion styling for changing bodies, you will leave with a new-found confidence and feel prepared and set for the next phase.

Tickets are £95 and include lunch and refreshments.


Tuesday 23rd April 2024 

Full Moon Yoga 
7.00pm with Kini Indigo Moon

This is an exciting new collaboration between Berry Farm Wellness and Kini. Taking place every full moon, these intimate, unique classes draw on the themes and energies of the particular astrological sign the moon falls in each month. 


For our first event in April, the moon will be in deep and transformational Scorpio, and Kini will be guiding everyone through a process of emotional, mental and physical release practices, followed by yoga inspired by the moon and finishing with a mini fire ceremony honouring release and surrender. 


Kini would love to welcome you to her special classes, designed to help you to feel, ground, release and surrender.

£22 per class or £60 for a block of three.


Sunday 28th April 2024 

Empowering Women in Menopause Workshop
9.30am - 12.30pm with Mel Cheeseman

Join Mel for an empowering journey through peri and menopause! Whether you're expecting to hit menopause soon, are already experiencing peri-menopause, or are in the post-
menopause stage, this workshop is for YOU.

This inclusive and supportive event provides a safe space to discuss the challenges and changes that come with this transition. Through interactive sessions and self-reflection exercises, you'll gain valuable tools and strategies to
understand how it affects your emotional and mental well-being, and learn techniques to navigate these changes with ease. You'll learn how to boost boost your confidence, unleash your inner strength and resilience, explore setting healthy boundaries and mastering the power of 'no'.

This invigorating event is in a supportive group setting and you'll discover valuable resources to continue your journey on a high note. Tickets cost £45 and include refreshments.

mel_currie_menopause_berry_farm copy.jpg

Sunday 11th August 2024 

Painting Retreat: Bees
One Day Workshop with Lunch

10.00am - 4.00pm with Cath Hodsman

A unique watercolour painting workshop with of Britain's most successful wildlife and natural history artists , Cath Hodsman, paying homage to the beauty and importance of bees in the natural world.  


This gorgeous event is aimed at both lovers of painting & bees - although you don’t have to be an expert in either.  With Cath’s expert guidance, every student will complete a stunning watercolour painting. Cath will offer support and guidance to every student as and when and if they need it. All equipment, materials  and guides will be provided.

This will be a day long creative retreat, and will include a welcome soft drink, and delicious light lunch served by Berry Farm.


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