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All of our fitness classes are lead by qualified and experienced teachers - each one wonderful, and with different backgrounds and qualities to motivate you to get your body moving.  Meet them all here.



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Gemma is a former professional ballet dancer and a certified Stott and Body Control Pilates teacher, qualified to teach Matwork and Reformer. Dedicated to helping improve the health and fitness of her clients, she provides a relaxed, friendly environment where individuals can thrive and get results. 





I’m Serena, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I created Farm Fit to provide strength and resistance training in a beautiful, outdoor alternative to Commercial gyms.

I’m passionate about the many benefits of being strong at any age, and love helping people learn to move safely, effectively and better than they could before. 




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Kathy is a mum to 4 almost grown children, two naughty spaniels and is a qualified 500hr yoga teacher in Vinyasa Flow yoga, yoga nidra, breathwork, pranayama and restorative. She teaches out on paddle boards too and brings the lessons learnt from out on the water into the studio, helping people to find balance and space.




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Sinead is a yoga teacher, and doula, with over 7 years experience in offering perinatal support, based in Cirencester. She teaches pregnancy yoga, parent and baby yoga, and birth preparation classes at Berry Farm, as well as special workshops for pre and postnatal ladies. Classes with Sinead are calm, nurturing, informal and insightful, supporting you whatever phase of motherhood you’re in.




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Anne is qualified with Polestar Pilates and was one of their first teachers in the UK. After qualifying Anne started The Body Workshop Pilates 20 years ago and ran it along side her dance school.The Pilates business grew and together with her daughter Becky they opened Cirencester’s first Pilates studio. The studio enjoyed 12 successful years and has now in-person classes are here at Berry Farm with Anne and the Body Workshop runs 10 classes a week via an Online Pilates studio. 


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Claire has been living, practicing and teaching classical yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic yoga therapy since 1999.  Trained in India and supported here in the UK, her experience brings a deep

appreciation for the sophisticated

spiritual understanding within yoga and

its teachings, and provides a safe & calm space for her students to heal and grow.



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A Physiotherapist & APPI certified Pilates Instructor, Sarah’s Power Pilates is a fun & challenging class to improve strength, flexibility, balance and control.

She teaches easy-to-follow exercises using matwork and small equipment.  Her specialisms in Musculoskeletal / Pelvic Health & Nervous System Regulation influence her teaching of the mind-body connection & exploration of how movement can bring about a greater body awareness and an insight into the body’s marvellous potential.




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After spending 26 years working in higher education, Gail completed a Professional Diploma to become a Pilates trainer, and keeps her sessions fun yet challenging, to deliver results, from beginners to the more experienced.
Her unique combination of massage therapies, reflexology, meditation, and Pilates work has created a practice where the focus is on Mind, Body and Balance, to create an escape from stress and pressurised work environments.  Watching her clients progress and improve is what 3steps4ward is all about.. 




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Kirsteen has practiced Yoga for over 2 decades and been teaching for over 10 years. Her classes are lighthearted and playful with a focus on the breath and connection to the body. In these sessions you will work through slow creative flowing sequences whilst building strength and flexibility in the body. Kirsteen aims for each student to leave the class feeling a lighter, brighter version of themselves. Book online for the next Beginners Yoga Class or Crystal Alchemy Bowl Sound Workshop.





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Kini is a Wild Shakti yoga teacher who also practices under the name Indigo Moon. 
Her belief is in wholehearted yoga and embodied wisdom, and her full moon classes with us aim to align your mind, body & spirit. 

Her classes will guide everyone through a process of emotional, mental and physical release practices, followed by yoga inspired by the moon and finish with a mini fire ceremony honouring release and surrender. 




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Charlotte is a mother of two daughters, a yoga teacher & women’s circle facilitator who has been teaching & holding space since 2019. Her background begun In yoga many moons ago but she also holds sisterhood circles under the name of ‘Medicine of the Sisterhood’.

Charlotte has & continues to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which she weaves in her yoga & circles as well as a deep connection to the seasons of nature whether that be through cyclical living, the elements or lunar phases.
All can be found within Charlottes approach to life & wellness.





Alignment and breath work coach Sian is now running monthly workshops here at Berry Farm, Her classes support soulful humans connect to their mind, body and spirit through breath work, coaching and retreats.    

Her aim is to help you create a soul aligned life and business by combining mindset, breathwork and spiritual modalities.



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Lotty has been teaching Barre and Pilates for over 10 years. She trained with the renowned Barrecore Academy in London and became the lead instructor at their flagship studio in Chelsea. She later trained with STOTT Pilates to complete her matwork qualification. She is also a qualified pre and postnatal Pilates specialist.


Lotty is passionate about mindful movement and is on a mission to empower as many people as possible to become stronger, healthier and happier through the practice of Barre and Pilates.


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